Quilt Show Part 3

slice of lifeThis will be the last post of pictures from the quilt show although I may have a few more things to say tomorrow.  Anyhow, yesterday Kathy and I had a really nice day.  Since we were there on Wednesday, we didn’t feel pressured into seeing everything.  This was good because it was much more crowded yesterday than it was on Wednesday.  We did get a chance to go to the second building yesterday. This building housed only vendors, no quilts on display.  

Kathy had a chance to see what was new in the quilting world.  The truth is since she has been quilting for 20 years there is not much she needs unless it is something new and fabulous or a replacement for something she has worn out.  I did allude to a major purchase in a previous post so I may as well come out with it.

Kathy’s hands are beginning to bother her when she quilts.  Although she enjoys hand quilting, she is not sure how much longer she will be able to do it.  At the show we were looking at quilting machines.  We don’t have the room for a long arm machine, but kathy has been reading about one that is basically ths same size as a sewing machine.  It is called a Sweet Sixteen Quilting Machine designed by Handi Quilter.

We saw it on Wednesday and Kathy tried it out.  It felt comfortable for her and she had no difficulty working it.  Another plus is that it is a sit down machine.  She wouldn’t have to stand to work it since her legs start to bother her if she stands too long.  We came home Wednesday and discussed it. We came to the decision that she should get it, so yesterday we made the purchase.  She is happy and I know she will make good use of it.

Now, a few final quilt pictures.




Every year one quilt is named Best of Show.  Here it is.




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8 responses to “Quilt Show Part 3

  1. WOW I can only dream of making quilts that beautiful.

  2. “Sweet Sixteen”… a sweet name for a sweet machine destined to bring about happiness. Looking forward to pictures of the quilts Kathy creates.

    The Best of Show is pretty impressive, but several others you had pictures of were more appealing to me.

  3. Works of art. My mother in law quilted, too. She alway had something going, when we’d visit, and i have wonderful memories of chatting as she quilted – she was a teacher, too. When she was ill with ALS, one of the things I’d do was to sit by her with a stack of quilting magazines – I’d read of ohers’ quilting adventures. Such a simple thing, but it brought her so much joy. We still have her quilts, and her memory…

  4. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you to decide which quilts to take a picture of. Each one is so unique and beautiful. The best of show was quite stunning. It’s great that there is a machine that you can get so Kathy can keep on quilting. It’s hard to have to give up on a passion.

  5. Jaana

    I have enjoyed all of the photos you have posted! Perhaps we will see some pictures of Kathy’s quilts in the future?

  6. The pictures of the quilts are beautiful. (This is difficult to type because Nimbus keeps batting at my fingers) I am glad Kathy has a quilting machine. I can’t imagine trying to do all of that sewing all of that by hand. I find it difficult to mend by hand. It would be nice to see some of Kathy’s quilts. I agree with Jaana.

  7. What stunning quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’m a little sad that this is the last post with the quilt pictures. I think I could read a month of this. I wish I were the type of person who quilted. They are so amazing! Congratulations on your new purchase!

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