Road Trip

slice of lifeToday I was up at 5:00, three hours before my normal wake-up time.  Why?  Couldn’t I sleep?  No, that was not the problem. Was I sick?  Nope, I felt fine.  Was Kathy or some family member sick? No, all are doing well.  There really was no problem.

I was up because Kathy and I planned a road trip for today.  She is a quilter and today was the first day of the AQS,  American Quilting Society, Quilt Show in Lancaster, an hour and a half drive from here.  This is a national quilt show that she enjoys and looks forward to each year. Other years she has gone by herself and stayed over because I was working. This year, though , I have a free foot and went along.

Although I do not quilt, I know the time and work that goes into making one and appreciate seeing the workmanship on them.  Also, I was hoping to get some inspiration for future posts because as of now I am running a bit thin on ideas to write about.

We left the house at 7:00 with plans to stop for breakfast along the way.  The show opened at 9:00 and not a minute sooner.  If you were one of the first 300 to buy a ticket, you also got a free cupcake, a good incentive, at least for me, to get there early.  The cupcake was delicious.

We bought a two day pass simple because there is so much to see there.  The show covers three floors of the downtown Marriott as well as another building of vendors out along route 30.  We did the three floors, but not the other building.  That will be for day two. 

I got up at 5:00 and we left at 7:00 as I said.  Did it really take me 2 hours to get ready?  No. I sat down to write my post for the day before3 we left.  I used my laptop and had it all done and ready to publish.  For the last two days I have been having computer issues.  I have no idea what is wrong.  Anyway, just as I was about to hit the publish button, My computer went haywire and everything was lost.  I didn’t have time to retype.  Needless to say, some very unkind and unprintable thoughts went through my head.  That is why this post is so late.  But, at least I got it in.

More about the quilt show in future posts.


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5 responses to “Road Trip

  1. Oh no! Computer woes? I hope things get resolved without a great expense. (I think my issue is with our router, not the computer.) When you mentioned cupcake as a prize, I figured you were first in line. After all we need food to sustain life, right? 🙂

  2. Jaana

    Can’t wait to read more about the quilt show! Have fun and share some pictures with the rest of us (if they allow you to take any).

  3. Woo hoo for getting it in. Tech issues aside, it sounds like you had a wonderful day – looking forward to quilting pictures!

  4. “I have a free foot”- never heard that expression before, but I look forward to saying it someday.

  5. Glad you were able to get your post written again. Look forward to hearing about the quilts. I have some friends who quilt and find it amazing. I don’t think I have the patience for it but I do appreciate the art and love that is put into each quilt.

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