Fallen Branches

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

 I looked out the bathroom window today.  There are actually spots in the back yard that are not snow covered.  With the snow gone, however, I see that I have a job waiting for me.  There are many downed branches from the big oak strewn around.  I can just imagine what is still hidden under the snow.

 Of course these will need to be picked up and dealt with before I can do the first grass cutting.  What can I do with these fallen limbs?  If I were crafty I could turn them into unique lawn décor.  Can’t you just see garden gnomes made of twigs?  What about animal shapes?

 I just bet that anyone passing by the house and seeing my creations would stop and ask me where I got them.  Of course I would say that I made them.  They would beg me to make some for them.  They would offer to pay any price.

 I could get a whole bunch ready for our annual Craft Faire in September.  I know I would be sold out in the first hour.  People would be desperate for one on my sculptures.  They would be fighting over them.  I would be inundated with orders.

 I would be rich.  I would move from here and buy a McMansion.  People would still seek me out wanting more and more of my handiwork.  I can’t take the pressure.  What will I do?

 I know, I’ll just collect what has fallen, cut them up into small pieces, and bag them.  The world will be deprived of my beautiful creations, but I will stay sane.  Oh, well, time for my medication.  


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7 responses to “Fallen Branches

  1. I am afraid to look in my backyard. I know I must surely have much of the same lurking back there, i the mud. But as I clear my branches away, I know I’ll remember your post and the great dreams you had for yours!

  2. Too funny! I think you have made a wise decision to bag them up and leave the branch sculptures in your imagination.

  3. I love your little flight of fancy. I do that to. The land of What If is fun to visit every once and a while.

  4. Well, I sure got my morning chuckle from reading your post this morning! Then, back to reality as I know our yard has lots of limbs hidden by the snow. We still have a snow covered yard…but I can see a branch sticking through the snow in a number of places. I have become lazy…I have hired a lawn service for the first of spring to clean up the yard…from then on, Ray does the mowing. But I do think that a cute little yard gnome made by you would look quite nice…so if you decide to create some…I will be in line to buy one. 🙂 Jackie

  5. Jaana

    You made me laugh! My backyard is still white. Treasure hunting must wait.

  6. Big plans…and then reality…I am looking at a similar yard, too.

  7. Laughing out loud just happened in my house! That was hilarious. I have to wait a little longer before I can take care of branches since we still have several (several) inches of snow. I’m sure many a branch will be revealed soon enough.

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