Project Complete – Almost



Now that I have the spare time and the remodeled basement, I am once again doing something I enjoy – jigsaw puzzles.  For me there is a satisfaction I get when I find two pieces that fir perfectly together without me having to get a hammer to force them together.

 I have done puzzles ranging from small 500 piece puzzles to 1500 piece puzzles.  The size is determined by what will fit on my table.

 I even have a puzzle saver that I put the puzzle on so that I can roll it up and get it off the table when I am not working on it.  This is nice because it keeps everything in place.  I don’t always do this though to my despair.

 I just finished a puzzle of Rockefeller Center at Christmas – lighted tree in the back, skaters skating on the ice angles lining the center from the skating rink to 5th Avenue, and people crowding the scene.  The puzzle is based on a Bill Bell painting.

 I tend to forget that I am not the only one who likes puzzles.  Ned also likes them.  He often sits on the table covering several pieces as well while I am working.  His idea of putting a puzzle together is swatting at the pieces or trying to eat them.  I’m sure he has ventured onto the table at times when I was not downstairs.

 I finished the puzzle, but one piece is missing.  I’m sure Ned took it so that he can have the privilege of putting in the last piece and saying that he finished the puzzle.  He has not done so yet nor has he told me where the last piece is.  I may never find it.

I guess when I that the puzzle apart I will need to put a note in with it that there is one piece missing.

Maybe next time I start a puzzle I will roll it up everything I finish working on it.




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4 responses to “Project Complete – Almost

  1. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, too, but never seem to do them mostly because i don;t have a good space. I am curious about the puzzle saver. Sounds like something I should investigate.

  2. I love jigsaws too, but I don’t want such a challenge that it’s impossible (like spilled milk). Ned just wants to see what you think is more interesting than him. I hope your piece shows up.

  3. Oh, good luck finding that piece! I used to love doing puzzles with my kids back in the day – it can be such a relaxing way to pend the time…unless one loses a peace, though!

  4. Jaana

    I love doing puzzles. Last week I gave a puzzle of the United States for my middle and high school ELLs to put together. I was absolutely blown away that hardly any of them had any idea of what to do. We might need more practice!

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