Date Afternoon

A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.
I say it just begins
to live that day.
- Emily Dickinson


Here it is March already.  I am so ready for February and the snow to be gone.  From what I am hearing, March is coming in like a lion.  Well, at least today is to be nice if cold.

 Kathy and I have a date day planned for ourselves today.  Yes, it is a date afternoon as opposed to a date night.  I can no longer stay up late at night and I prefer to be home when it is dark instead of driving the interstate.  We have season tickets for the Hershey Theatre and today is the third show in the subscription packet – Sister Act.  We are excited about seeing this show because we saw it a few years ago in NYC and loved it. 

 Although it is based on the movie of the same name and the story line is the similar, the songs are all new.  Because the story takes place in the 70’s all of the songs have a decidedly disco beat.  (Yeah, I lived through the disco era and even – dare I admit – took disco lessons.)  This is a show that doesn’t pretend to be anything but entertaining.  There are no deep hidden thought provoking themes anywhere in the show.  You just leave the theatre feeling happy, a smile on your face, and humming the tunes.  I need a show like this.

 After the show we plan to hit church so that we don’t have to get up on Sunday morning.  Lazy, I know, but there is a chance of snow tomorrow before Monday’s big storm.  Luckily the church in Hershey has a 5:15 mass which is really convenient after the 2:00 matinee. 

 Of course since we are out for the day we must have dinner.  We probably won’t decide where to go until after church.  There is an Applebee’s in Hershey that we like, but I also have a coupon for a BOGO free at the Hershey Grill.  To complicate matters even more, I have a gift certificate for the Hershey Pantry.  So many choices, so little stomach room.

 Maybe tomorrow I will give a brief recap of how our day went.  Right now, though, it is time to get ready to go out for the day.


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6 responses to “Date Afternoon

  1. macrush53

    Enjoy the afternoon, it sounds very fun. Welcome to the SOLSC. It’s lots of fun. I’m ready for spring as well but we haven’t had the snow you all in the east have had.

  2. It sounds like you are building wonderful memories

  3. What a day you have planned! Love the comment on so many choices, so little stomach room. How true!

  4. Sounds like a fun and busy day. We tend to do afternoon activities too…both of us would rather be home in the evening. I will be interested in how your day went and if you are still humming the music from the play. Our snow is spitting now here in Toledo…and will soon send it your way. Jackie

  5. Leigh Anne

    It sounds like you and Kathy are going to have a wonderful day! No disco dancing in the aisles though! I hope the weather holds out for you! Looking forward to hearing about your day.

  6. My husband and I prefer date afternoons, too. Have fun!

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