A First

Today was a first for us.  Archie had his monthly trip to the vet and didn’t get sick in his carrier on the way.  This may not seem like a big thing, but for Archie it is.  He is a geriatric cat and as such has the problems that go along with age.  One thing he copes with is a touch of arthur in his hind quarters.  

For about a year now we have been taking him once a month for laser treatments and a shot.  Our vet, who is also the closest, is about a 45 minute ride from our house.  Archie does not like the ride.

Usually when we are about half the distance to the vet Archie starts loudly licking his nose.  This is a sure tell sign that he is about to get sick. Then we hear it.  The sound!  The only thing worse is hearing “the sound” at three in the morning when you are fast asleep.  Then it means getting up and trying to find where he was since he moves away from where he got sick.

I am getting side tracked.  Being in a confined space (his carrier) means that there is not much space for him to move so he usually ends up walking of sitting in what he just brought up.  It also doesn’t make the car smell fresh.

We always line the carrier with newspapers because of this so that when we get to the vets we can just roll up the paper, throw it away, and reline the carrier with new paper for the trip home.  I also end up using their restroom to get wet paper towels to wipe Archie’s feet. It isn’t fair to ask the person giving him his treatment to do this.

Today was the first time ever that he did not get sick on his way to his appointment.  Cause to celebrate!


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7 responses to “A First

  1. Poor Archie! and you too. I hope that this is the beginning of vomit free trips. My cats never got sick, but they howled, incessantly the entire time they were in the car.

  2. Rebekah

    That is reason to celebrate! I have a dog who sometimes gets car sick, it is not a pleasant experience to say the least. I hope the best for your cat. Our pets hold such a special place in our lives.

  3. glimpse of something

    As a fellow pet owner, I can totally understand your cause to celebrate. It definitely hurts your heart when you see or hear your pet get sick. Fingers crossed for the next trip to the vet!!

  4. Definitely a reason to celebrate. Poor Archie…he has a great mama, though, he’s loved.

  5. Yea for you and Archie. I wonder what made the difference, don’t you?

  6. Jaana

    I would also celebrate the small victories!

  7. Oh sweet Archie story. Congratulations….I think I need a pet again, but I’m not so up for the vet visits myself. It seems like the vet has always had to break bad news to us. xo

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