Ode to Winter

Ode to Winter

The temps have fallen to below zero.

Layers upon layers don’t keep me warm.

Where have you gone, my warmth, my hero?

Cold is now the norm.


Propane came today and I looked at the bill.

Get out the checkbook;  don’t think about it.

Not much I can do; it’s a bitter pill.

The furnace stays constantly lit.


My hands are cracked to the point where they bleed.

Cream seems to help if I lather it on.

A little warmth is all I need.

I’ll get more layers to don.


The house is rattled by gusts of wind.

Hearing it howl just makes me colder.

I never knew it could make such a din.

I guess it’s just because I’m older.


Winter, oh winter, please go away.

I need some bright warm sunny days.

Out in the sun I yearn to play.

Then the cooling bills I’ll have to pay.



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7 responses to “Ode to Winter

  1. Oh, I hope winter hears you!

  2. Very cute…it doesn’t make it better, however. I loved the last line. My hands our cracking up also. Tomorrow…hopefully! xo

  3. Oh boy, do I love this and do I hate this weather! Summer, please?

  4. Jaana

    Today I got a bright sunny day minus the warmth! My hands are crackling almost in half. Well, that’s just another reason not to do the dishes! I am hoping more sunny days; cold or warm I don’t care as long as they are sunny! Thanks for brightening my day with your poem!

  5. Brrrr! You made me shiver all the way through this poem. I am so with you, winter go away!

  6. Below zero temps but sun shining bright today. Guess we just have to take some bad with the good. The last line made me laugh.

  7. I can’t take it anymore! Off to Puerto Rico on Monday before daybreak 🙂

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