Another Pet Peeve

I am sitting down with my laptop open to  Kathy and I always spend a day and night in NYC during the summer.  We always get tickets for a matinee and evening performance of two shows we would like to see.  I know that if I don’t get the tickets now, chances of getting to see the shows we want to see are pretty slim.

So, I picked a show, date, and time.  Now all I have to do is click on find tickets and I will be set.  Simple.  Oh, I forgot.  Before telecharge can check for ticket availability I need to enter two words to prove that I am not a robot.  Not a problem.  I understand the precaution they are taking.  I see the words, or in this case a group of meaningless letters and numbers.

Why, then, am I hesitating about entering them?  The truth is I can’t make them out.  They are so skewed and distorted with lines intersecting them that these old eyes can’t distinguish what they are. Is that an “o” followed by an “l” or is it just the letter “d”? Is that suppose to be the letter “s” or the number “5”?  

As I said, I understand why they require this, but must the letters be so out of whack that a person, namely me, can’t tell one letter from the next?  I know that if I type in the wrong sequence I will get new letters so that I can try again.  I also know that there is a place to click if I am “having trouble seeing this”.  Hey, if I did that it would be too easy and I would have to find something else to complain about.


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4 responses to “Another Pet Peeve

  1. Your pet peeves make me laugh! I find those CAPTCHAs so annoying too. My eyes squint, I tip my head one way, then another to decipher them. Did you know that usually if you enter the first word/numbers, you don’t have to enter the shaded one. Enjoy the shows!

  2. Hope you got your tickets. Don’t you love that not only can’t you make out the CAPTCHA’s but the clock is ticking on the purchase.

  3. This is also one of my pet peeves, I absolutely hate typing in those random letters. I AM NOT A ROBOT! I scream ever time I come across that input box!

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