Mysteries of Life

Today I thought I would write about some of the mysteries (at least to me) of life.  First of all, why is it that when I am traveling Interstate 81, going 65 mph more or less (usually a little more) it never fails that some yahoo will pass me only to then cut right in front of me to take the exit that we were approaching?  Truthfully, did that person save time by passing?  Does slamming on the brakes because he was going too fast for the exit ramp qualify as a smooth ride?  Tis a mystery – to me.

I admit that I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to technology so I still pay my bills by check, not electronically.  This brings me to my second mystery.  Why are the perforations for the stub to be sent back usually a quarter inch below the fold of the statement?  It never fails that when I go to tear off the portion to be sent back it usually starts to tear at the crease, not the perforations.  I even crease the perforated part, but this doesn’t always help.  I swear it is a conspiracy to get me to start making electronic payments.  It won’t work.

The last mysterious thing I will mention today involves the words “new and improved” on package labels, especially food items.  I have tried things that were marketed as “new and improved” only to find out that the item is neither.  I want my old and unimproved product back.  Is “new and improved” a reason companies use so that they can up the price and lower the quantity of a product? 

On a totally different note I would like to wish my nephew Aaron and his bride a long, happy, loving life together.  The wedding was on Saturday, a new beginning for them both.  New beginnings – may be something to write about at a future date.


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3 responses to “Mysteries of Life

  1. Great wonderings today! As a fellow check writer, the perforations story made me laugh! I’m with you…it’s a conspiracy!

  2. So often these mysteries cross my mind, but I don’t take note until it happens again. Now I think I need to write these down because you’ve written a very entertaining slice of life.

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