Last Week

Last week was a good week!  Many things happened, but two things in particular stick out in my mind – wedding anniversary and fixed computer,

First and foremost, Kathy and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.  As we usually do we went out for dinner.  There is an Italian restaurant in Hershey that we like – Fenicci’s.  The food is good, we can eat as cheap or expensive as we want, and we always get great service. What more can we ask for?

Both Kathy and I ended up having a salad, single crab cake with roasted red potatoes, and a vegetable.  We also had a glass of wine to celebrate and of course dessert – this is a must for me when I eat out on special occasions.  We really enjoyed our evening.

We did decide not to do presents since we are giving ourselves a trip to Disney World in a few weeks.  This will be our belated anniversary present as well as an early Christmas present.  Of course, I rarely do as I am told so I did get her some gift certificates for Jo Ann Fabrics, her favorite store.

The second important thing that happened last week, at least important to me, is that I got my laptop back from the computer doctor.  I was worried because I am scheduled to present at PCTELA in two weeks and I need my computer to run the power point.  I found out that my computer was corrupted.  I thought only politicians were corrupt.  (Did I actually say that?)

Anyway, they had to wipe it clean and reinstall everything so it was just like the day I bought it.  It was also cheaper than buying a new one.  Once again I am good to go.


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3 responses to “Last Week

  1. Happy anniversary! We have many laptops “going to the doctor” at school and I am constantly in fear that mine is next! I think it would be terrible to be without it.

  2. Happy anniversary! Glad you had a nice week as well. Enjoy your “new” computer.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary and on the computer cure. It’s all good to go 🙂

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