A Crafty Week

This has been a crafty week for us.  My wife is a quilter.  This week there was a huge Quilt Show at Oaks, near Philadelphia.  Because of working, I didn’t go with her other years when she went.  This year, however, I could go.  Let’s hear it for retirement!  Anyway, this is one of the biggest shows in our area.

Kathy enjoys it because of the vendors.  This show seems to have all of the new equipment that no quilter can live without – so they say.  Who am I to argue since I am not a quilter or sewer for that matter.  Ok, I can reattach an occasional button that pops off of my shirt. (Does that count as sewing?)

We left home around 10:15 and got there at 12:15 – a two hour ride.  The nice thing about the drive is that the way we go we don’t need to travel the turnpike.  That is always a relief for me.

We did enjoy ourselves.  My wife got many ideas along with some things she didn’t know she needed until we saw them.  Hey, I believe that any job goes quicker if you have the right tools.

After about two hours of looking at the different booths I was getting hungry.  So it was off to the quilter’s buffet.  I must say that the food was delicious.   Choices included salads, stuffed shells, corn, mashed potatoes (the real thing), chicken masalla , coffee, plus all kinds of desserts, including cheesecake.  (What’s the point of going anywhere if you can’t get a meal out of it?)

After eating we went to look at the quilts.  I am always amazed at what some people can do with cut up bits of material.  The quilts ranged from traditional patterns to new and innovative designs.  I will say that they were breathtaking!  I know that we will go back again next year.

On Saturday our park association held their annual Craft Faire with over 200 craftsmen.  This is also something we look forward to since we live within walking distance of the park.  Over the years wh have bought many things for our home at the faire.  This year we didn’t buy anything.  There comes a point when you just have too much.

I did, however, bur four quarts of bean soup.( Is there a recurring food theme here with me and going places?)  The soup freezes well and it is nice to have it during the winter when we want a good hearty meal without much fuss.

Well, the craft week is still not over.  This week the allied artists are holding their annual show.  We will need to pick an evening to go out to see it – after dinner out, of course.


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5 responses to “A Crafty Week

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! And, yes, I did notice a ‘food theme’ with you. That’s ok – indulge and enjoy!!
    I loved the line “things she didn’t know she needed until she saw them”. That perfectly sums up my relationship with Target (the store). I’ll be repeating that line to my husband, so thanks!

  2. Perfect fun for fall days! Of course you must get a meal out of it. I am in awe of quilters. They do create beautiful pieces with bits of fabric. I prefer not to sew, so I’ll just view.

  3. I was a quilter before I became a teacher and I envy your outing! I miss the entire process of shopping for fabric, cutting it up, sewing it back together and feeling the needle slide between the layers. Makes me want to go look at my fabric stash that I still have after 7 years. I just can’t get rid of it….thinking about someday!

  4. Judy C.

    Sounds like you and your wife had an enjoyable adventure. My husband enjoys those outings as well, and he finally has realized that there are some things we really do need in order to make our crafting easier. Glad you had some good meals out!

  5. Such a wonderful time of year….crafts and fall seem to go together!

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