A Strange Feeling

All around you can see parents with their children at the mall doing back to school shopping. Some students have already started classes. Television and newspaper inserts are filled with back-to-school sales.

Teachers who have not begun the new year are having in-service this week. I’m sure that most are as excited about the beginning of the new school year as are the students.

For forty years I was included in this excitement. Since I retired in June, I am no longer a part of getting ready for the new school. Instead, I am getting ready for the first day of retirement which will be on the 26th. I consider the time between my formal retirement and now just another summer vacation. When the school bus drives by my house and I am home to see it instead of at my desk waiting to greet a new batch of students, then it will hit me. It is really a strange feeling.


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8 responses to “A Strange Feeling

  1. Congrats on your retirement. 40 years as a teacher… that’s a lot of years. It’s time to celebrate your formal retirement.

    I’m out of the classroom now (consulting), but still made my way to the Target back to school sale today. I just had to buy new crayons (for my daughter).

  2. Glad you are joining slice of life. Hope you will enjoy writing with us! Best wishes for a great retirement!

  3. Welcome to our writing community, and thank you for sharing this slice. Those last two sentences really captured the bittersweetness of this time in your life. Perhpas it’s on to new adventures?

  4. I often wonder what it will feel like to not be teaching! The 26th is going to be a very strange day for you. You should do something very special – lunch out with a special someone. Something to commemorate the day! I love the line “I consider the time between my formal retirement and now just another summer vacation.” I look forward to reading what you write about in retirement.

  5. First, welcome to SOL, an amazing community of people just like you – some of whom are still teaching and others of whom will someday, be in your shoes. I know that someday VERY SOON, perhaps even next year, I will be home when the bus goes past and I wonder what I will say and do. Perhaps, it should be a VERY special day for you too, filled with a museum trip, lunch out, and a wonderful breakfast. You have already made a difference in the lives of others and NOW you need to celebrate your life’s work.

  6. Welcome to this slicing world and to retirement! It may seem strange to not be a part of a class but there is so much to do beyond the classroom. You will find your way.

  7. Bless you for your forty years! And enjoy your retirement….think of all the writing you can do without the stress of running a classroom.

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