New York

Last week Kathy and I went to New York City to celebrate our birthdays – something we do every year.  While there we always take in two Broadway shows.  This yer we saw The Lion King and Mowtown.

We had seen Lion King years ago from the peanut gallery.  It was neat to see the stage workings from way up high.  This time we wanted to see the show from the orchestra section so we could concentrate more on the story and the costumes.  We had aisle seats so we got a close up look at the actors as they came down the aisle.  We were not disappointed.  The show was as good as we remembered it.

In the evening we went to see Mowtown – the Musical.  Although the story was thin the music was great.  If you grew up during the Mowtown era you – and I did- you knew the words to all of the songs from the Four Tops to the Supremes, to the Jackson Five.  What memories it brought back.  If you were lucky, you even had a chance to sing a duet with Diana Ross on “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”.  Thankfully, I was not a chosen one or I would have easily cleared the theater before the show was over.  The show was really an experience.

Now I am wondering what will be playing next August when we plan our next trip.





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