Enjoy each day!

What a day!  You know how you never really know what the day is going to bring?  Some days turn out great, some not so great and others make you think, “Oh my!”

Today started out just fine.  My wife had a haircut appointment so I went to the mall with her.  Afterwards we did some shopping for an upcoming vacation that we are planning.  Later in the afternoon she had a doctor’s appointment.

When we pulled into the parking lot there was a police car there and an ambulance was just leaving.  Not a good sign for a doctor’s office.  My wife signed in and was ushered back to a room immediately.  This has never happened before.  I told a nurse that I would sit in the waiting room until my wife was finished.  There was not a soul in the waiting room which in itself is unusual.  I was told no that I could accompany my wife back to the examining room.

We knew that there was something going on but didn’t know what.  After my wife saw the doctor she had to have some blood work done.  When she went in to have blood drawn I finally found out what had happened.

A woman from one of the local residential care facilities was brought in.  She went in to use the restroom in the waiting room.  She never came out.  When the staff went to check on her they found her lying on the floor.  She had passed away. 

Live each day to its fullest.  You never know.

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