Empty nest

For the past several weeks Kathy and I have been watching a mother robin who had a nest on our patio.  She would sit there patiently day after day.  We knew that she had to have eggs in the nest.

One day we heard chirping coming from the nest.  Sure enough we could see two small heads visible over the top of the nest.  They were really quite vocal.  

Over the weeks we watched as mama robin flew from the nest to get food to feed her little ones.  You could hear the excitement in their voices when mama brought supper home.

The babies grew and soon they were as big as mama.  Yesterday we had to go out for the day.  When we looked out the window the babies were sitting on the edge of the nest just as big as mama.  We figured that today would be the day they would fly.

Sure enough, when we got home and looked at the nest, it was empty.  We are now suffering from empty nest syndrome.  

On another note, while we were out yesterday Kathy and I went to Olive Garden for a late lunch- early dinner.  I had a gift card and wanted to use it.  The food was delicious, as usual.

What I want to know, however, is why does the wait staff always wait until you have food in your mouth and then come over to ask you ,”How is your meal?”  Is this part of training 101?  Do they stand behind a potted plant waiting for you to put food in your mouth and then immediately come over?  This has happened repeatedly to me so all I can surmise is that it must be some kind of conspiracy. 

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