As I sit here waiting for my biscotti

As I sit here waiting for my biscotti to cool so that I can sample one I am thinking back on the day with our young writers.   I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day.  This week has really flown by. The students were all typing away on their stories so that they will have something to read at tomorrow’s coffeehouse reading – hence the biscotti.

I have read snippets of their work and can’t wait to hear them read their own story in their voice.  Many of their parents will also attend eager to hear what their child has worked on all week.

Can you believe that June is just about over?  It seems that the older I get the quicker the time goes by.  As I was thinking about the grass that I should cut I remembered something that I had written years ago about summer.  I thought that I would include it.  Here it is:

Summer Sounds

 Incessant buzzing

A never-ending drone

Interrupts the beauty of nature’s song

Permeates an otherwise peaceful afternoon

The tranquility of the moment

Closed windows do not deaden the sound

Disturbed by the circular patterns

Round and round his house he goes

Of the insect orbiting my head

Cutting the same patch of grass

With no change in his flight pattern

Over and over again

I need my swatter

I wish it would rain


Now, something to ponder:

Why is something that is marketed as “new and improved” rarely either?

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June 27, 2013 · 8:22 pm

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