Posing a question -2

I was typing and hit something and lost what I was doing.  How can you tell that I am new at this.  Hope I’m not repeating myself.

Anyway, today was another great day at the Young Writers Academy.  I even had a chance to co-teach the high school session.  I was a bit nervous because I have only dealt with Middle School Students.  What dedication these students.  They wanted to write, write, and write.  They didn’t even want a break.  

I was there to answer questions and help if the need arose.  This gave me a chance to work on some of my own writing.  I am use to having sixth grade students coming up to me to ask,  “Is this what you want?”, “Will you read what I have so far?”, etc.  I am eager to hear their finished pieces during our Coffeehouse Reading on Friday.

I was tired when I got home, not because I worked with the students, but because I stayed up later than I should have the last two nights and got up earlier than I have been getting up.  All I wanted when I got home was to have a nice quiet lunch whit my wife and just talk about the day.  Lunch was prepared and we sat down to eat.

Now for the question:  Why is it that when you are most tired and don’t feel like moving that the cat decides to leave you a furball?

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